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Fast Facts Audio Seminars
30-minute Audio Seminars – for Physician Practices

Harness the learning benefits of audio seminars... faster! These pre-recorded seminars on physician practice topics will boost your expertise in just a half hour. Listen to Fast Facts on the go via Web Replay or CD. An assessment quiz is included with each seminar. Earn one CEU for each seminar and quiz completed.

Seminar Length: 30 minutes each

Seminar Formats:

  • Fast Facts audio seminars are available in two formats: Web Replay or Audio CD.
    > Web Replays are presentations that stream over the Internet, with audio and
       a slide presentation. You can access the web replay multiple times.
    > Audio CDs include the sound portion of the seminar only. You will download a print-out of the slides.
       Each audio CD includes two seminar topics.
  • All Fast Facts Audio Seminars include an assessment quiz that listeners download
    and complete, to fulfill the completion of their CEU credit.

Assessment quiz included
Each Fast Facts audio seminar has an accompanying quiz for listeners to assess how well they have understood the material. Seminar listeners must complete this quiz after the seminar, to earn one (1) CEU. The quiz is part of the each seminar's resource book, for which listeners are provided a link to download.

Seminar Topics & Ordering

Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN)
Using the new version of the Medicare ABN form became mandatory in March, 2009. This seminar discusses the form's purpose, including new and revised features, and clarifying the importance of its process. Physician services that require obtaining an ABN form are identified, and accurate ABN forms are reviewed. Includes tips to make this an efficient and effective process.

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Medical Necessity
This seminar outlines reasonably and medically necessary coverage criteria in the Medicare Coverage Database (NCDs and LCDs); reviews best practices in documentation, coding and billing to support medical necessity determination; and includes tips for working proactively with physicians to meet medical necessity requirements.

Correct Coding Initiative (CCI)
This seminar discusses how to use the Medicare CCI edits and how they affect physician reimbursement, and identifies when it is appropriate to assign modifiers with certain code combinations, via case examples.

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Claim Rejections and Appeals Process
Learn effective methods to establish baseline data in order to identify highest volume and types of claims that are rejected or denied (e.g., inaccurate coding, non-covered services). This seminar discusses types of Medicare Carrier denial reasons and how to pro-actively prevent them, and includes tips on how to effectively appeal rejected or denied claims.

Developing and Managing the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule
Understand how to develop and maintain a Medicare physician fee scheudle for your physician practice. You will also learn the resource-based relative value scale (RBRVS) methodology that affects physician services reimbursement.

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Challenges of Compliance and Ethical Coding in Physician Practices
This seminar explains how the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 placed a spotlight on the Medicare Program and billing compliance. As a result, the focus on fraud and abuse prevention has increased for physician billing practices. This seminar provides a basis for physician compliance programs and some challenges you may encounter.

Developing a Query Process for the Physician Practice or Home Health Agency
Complete, unambiguous and consistent clinical documentation is critical to coding for optimal reimbursement. This seminar provides a plan for developing an internal query process for physician private and group practices. This plan can by used by home health agencies as well.

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EHR System Selection
This seminar identifies EHR system selection criteria relevant to physician practices, and important functionality to consider. Recognize common vendors, understand certification for ambulatory care systems through CCHIT, and learn about interpreting and comparing vendor proposals.

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Transitioning from Paper to Electronic Medium
Learn about key components of the planning and timeline processes, and identify reasonable and realistic expectations in setting timeline goals. The discussion reviews change management and tips to engage key personnel and task force members.

E-mail in the Official Health Record
This seminar boosts your knowledge of the appropriate uses of e-mail in the office record and the legal requirements for using e-mail in your practice and in relation to patient records. Gain tips for best practices for use of e-mail in the office record.

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Assigning E&M Code Levels
Increase your awareness for assigning evaluation and management (E&M) levels and gain a review of the criteria for determining level of medical decision making and discussion of the 1995 and 1997 guidelines for physical examination documentation.

Establishing Productivity Benchmarks
Benchmarks are a good way to ensure staff keeps up with patient and paper flow, claims are going out in a timely manner, and more. Come away with knowledge on quality measures, productivity benchmarks, and what steps you need to take for each.

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Performing a Chart Audit
Arm yourself with the information you need to successfully perform a chart audit that will help you identify compliance pitfalls; ensure appropriate reimbursement; and determine if your policies and procedures are current and appropriate.

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Quality Documentation within Physician Practices
This seminar discusses the principles and requirements for quality documentation within physician practices. It further discusses the importance of data quality and its components.

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The Importance of the Legal Health Record in Physician Practices
This short audio seminar discusses the importance of the Legal Health Record within your practice. It will identify the components of a Legal Health Record as well as provide you with resources and a template for your LHR development.

Record Retention and Destruction
Discusses how a physician office practice should develop a retention schedule for patient health information based on federal, state and accreditation standards; discusses identifying the legal record for retention purposes; and provides best practices for when and how to destroy health and business records.

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Disclosures and Release of Information
Discusses privacy laws and regulations governing the disclosure of health information; reviews best practices in responding to release of information requests; discusses how to manage HIPAA’s patient access and amendment to health record rule.

Seminar Cost:
Web replay of one seminar: $49 members, $59 nonmembers
Audio CD of two seminars: $109 members, $129 nonmembers

To order online: Use the links in the table above.
To order by phone, mail, or fax: download this > printable order form (PDF)

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