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Coding Assessment and Training Solutions®
training for experienced coders — at intermediate and advanced levels

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AHIMA's self-paced, Web-based Coding Assessment and Training Solutions® program has provided a wide range of quality, flexible training opportunities for experienced coders for the past six years. The program continues to expand as AHIMA releases one or two new topic-specific courses and assessments every month!

Individual Coding Courses and Assessments


Want to review clinical concepts without retaking anatomy and physiology? Coding a little rusty? Need to evaluate or refresh your understanding of broader coding issues? Our popular Coding Overview courses provide a brush-up, while the related assessments reveal the knowledge that has and hasn't been forgotten. There are four topics to choose from; all of these can be purchased separately and three of them are available at a group price (Using ICD-9-CM, Using HCPCS/CPT, Reimbursement).

  • OVERVIEW: Clinical Concepts for Coders (not part of group purchase)
  • OVERVIEW: Using ICD-9-CM
  • OVERVIEW: Reimbursement

... more info on Coding Overview courses and assessments—including pricing


These trim courses and assessments give you the training you need to tackle the areas that are considered the most complex and challenging for coders. Use the courses and assessments together or separately.

  • Over 40 focused topics are available
  • Complete an assessment to identify specific areas where further learning is needed
  • Take a course to receive targeted instruction that will fill in knowledge gaps quickly

... more info on Coding Focus courses and assessments—including pricing


These 60-question assessments were developed for use when a general idea of a coding professional’s competence is needed. The questions are categorized as intermediate or advanced coding practice levels. Intermediate questions assess understanding of application of basic coding skills to actual health record information, while advanced questions assess interpretation, analysis, and synthesis of the entire health information data spectrum impacted by code selection and code assignment.

  • Hospital Inpatient Coding Assessment
  • Hospital Outpatient Coding Assessment
  • ICD-10-CM Coding Assessment
  • ICD-10-PCS Coding Assessment
  • Physician Practice Coding Assessment

... more info on Coding Proficiency Assessments—including pricing


Packages for Multiple-User Facilities
Click any blue text below to get individual course/assessment descriptions and pricing.

All of our targeted training courses and assessments can be packaged in various ways to meet your needs. An AHIMA representative looks at the specific goals you have and helps you create a custom combination of Coding Assessment and Training Solutions® offerings.

  • Anyone purchasing a package of courses and/or assessments for multiple users may opt to add instructor privileges. For an additional set-up fee, we provide you with an instructor login as well as training on how to manage user learning on the AHIMA campus. With instructor privileges, someone in a supervisory position can access assignments, create and participate in discussions, and print student progress reports.

  • Create a custom package by choosing multiple offerings from AHIMA's new catalog of Coding Focus Courses.

  • Add Coding Overview courses and assessments (Clinical Concepts, ICD-9-CM, HCPCS/CPT and Reimbursement) to the package to evaluate and refresh your staff's general coding knowledge.

  • Multiple Coding Focus Assessments can be added to match the courses you've chosen (or select assessments independently).

  • Want to evaluate your candidates' or current coding professionals' knowledge thoroughly (Inpatient, Outpatient, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, Physician Practice)? Then add one or more  Coding Proficiency Assessments into the mix.

Any facility that is interested in purchasing multiple licenses for courses and/or assessments should contact James Bannen via e-mail at James.Bannen@ahima.org.


Click either title below to get individual course/assessment descriptions and pricing.

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Prerequisites: basic knowledge of coding
Required books: student must have access to current ICD-9-CM and/or HCPCS/CPT® codes (any format, electronic or printed)
Credits: vary
Courses Begin: as soon as payment is received and processed
Access: Varies


It is recommended that students have coding experience before taking CATS training. Coding Assessment and Training Solutions® is designed as continuing education for coders at the intermediate and advanced levels. If you don't have coding experience, we recommend that you start with basic training like AHIMA's Coding Basics Program.

Required Books

All learning materials, exercises and exams are provided online. Students will need access to ICD-9-CM and HCPCS/CPT codes.


An AHIMA Certificate of Completion and CEUs are awarded for each successfully completed course. (Successful completion is scoring 70% or better on the final assessment for a course. Finals may be taken multiple times.)

Courses and Assessments Available Individually


Coding Focus Courses (6 lessons per course)


Coding Focus Courses (12 lessons per course)


Coding Focus Assessments (10 questions)


Coding Overview Assessments (10 and 15 questions)


Coding Proficiency Assessments (60 questions) 4

Coding Overview Course (Clinical Concepts for Coders)


Coding Overview Course (Using ICD-9-CM)


Coding Overview Course (Using HCPCS/CPT)


Coding Overview Course (Reimbursement)


Courses Begin

If you pay by credit card for courses or assessments available individually, you have immediate access. If you choose the option "check or purchase order", you must allow seven to ten business days after you mail a copy of your online invoice with your check for the payment to be received and processed.

Packages of courses and assessments require set-up time. As soon as payment has been received and processed, please allow seven to ten business days after sending payment to receive notification that your package of courses is available.


Facilities interested in purchasing multiple licenses for courses and/or assessments should contact James Bannen via e-mail
at James.Bannen@ahima.org. Questions about online registration for individual users should be directed to cats.support@ahima.org.

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