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     AHIMA Learning Pathways    
  Chart Your Career Path    

AHIMA developed Learning Pathways to offer a navigational tool for you to easily identify, align, and target your professional and educational needs with our publications, courses, and audio seminars. Learning Pathways includes four learning levels: awareness, knowledge, application/analysis, and advanced. Each level is defined and described so that you can select books, courses, and meetings that will be most beneficial to you in planning your career. As you make your career and continuing education plans, you’ll find AHIMA Learning Pathways a terrific resource to guide you in your educational selections.

We have also organized our publications, courses, and seminars into content areas so that it is easier to find the tools and resources that meet your specific learning goals and requirements. Each of our publications, courses, and seminars is aligned to both a learning level and to a content area, offering a pathway to learning.

  Our goal is to offer you
pathways to lifelong
learning opportunities
and career success.
  AHIMA Learning Pathways allow you to:    
  CONNECT your professional development/educational goals to our publications, courses, and audio seminars to ensure you select what you need. (target resources that will benefit you.)

PLAN for your professional development and educational learning goals by offering an overview of all the publications, courses, and seminars that are offered in your area(s) of expertise.

ADVANCE your HIM and coding knowledge and skills by having a targeted and documented approach to learning that allows you to master the skills and knowledge to move forward in your career.
  Learning Levels    

—the awareness learning level includes products and services that offer a survey or introductory understanding of the content areas.

—the knowledge learning level includes products and services that detail fundamental knowledge or factual knowledge that can be recalled or recognized.

—the application learning level includes products and services that require
analysis and application of content to master the learning concepts.

—the advanced learning level includes products and services that require integration or synthesis of a variety of concepts or elements to solve a specific problem, and solicits leadership skills and qualities.

  Learning Categories    
  e-HIM© and Electronic Records—includes products about all aspects of electronic health records, including system selection, implementation and use, as well as information management in the electronic environment.

Clinical Terminologies and Vocabularies—includes products that use or describe clinical coding classifications (for example, ICD-9-CM, CPT, ICD-10-CM) and various clinical terminologies (for example, SNOMED, LOINC)

Coding and Reimbursement—includes products specific to addressing coding and reporting for reimbursement. This category includes requirements of prospective payment systems across multiple healthcare settings (for example, DRGs, APCs), as well as correct application of the official ICD-9-CM Guidelines for Coding and Reporting.

Health Information Management Operations—includes products related to the management and general operations of the health information department. Thus, it includes products related to specific functions such as transcription and release of information as well as core HIM concepts such as documentation, benchmarking, and the like.

Compliance, Regulations, and Accreditation—includes products to better adhere to either regulatory or accreditation requirements (for example, CMS conditions of participation, Joint Commission standards).

Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security—includes products about all aspects of healthcare privacy and security, including access, disclosure, compliance, and regulatory issues.

Data Quality and Data Content Standards—includes products clarifying the composition and suitable use of healthcare data and the standards that apply.

Career Management—includes products to assist in formulating a career pathway.

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