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Prospective Students — General Orientation

About AHIMA Distance Education

AHIMA's Distance Education Web site is a "virtual" campus, which means there are no actual buildings or classrooms. All the programs and courses we offer online are self-paced. That means that all the readings and tests are available to the students for as long as they are enrolled, that students need very little interaction with instructors, and everyone can complete their work independently.

Our distance education courses offer the following benefits to members and nonmembers alike:

  •   Access your courses 24 hours a day from nearly any location
  •   Attend as many classes as you want, when you want
  •   Learn from industry experts, book authors, and professional trainers
  •   Obtain the most up-to-date information on healthcare information management
  •   Study at your own pace
  •   Reduce the overall time spent in training
  •   Increase your retention of vital concepts

Is Online Learning for Me?

Many people, for many reasons, choose to study at home through independent, Internet-based programs. Most find that independent study is a flexible method of acquiring job knowledge and skills at their own pace, often while maintaining full-time jobs. Independent, Internet-based study may be a viable option for you if:  

  • You're not near a college with a coding program 
  • You can't attend class for personal reasons 
  • You prefer to study at your own pace
Are you ready for online learning?

It takes self-discipline and commitment to study at home. In deciding if independent, Internet-based study is right for you, consider your ability to:  

  • Establish regular study habits 
  • Play an active role in your own education
  •  Work out most problems independently 
  • Don't need a great deal of instructor interaction 
  • Enjoy participating in online discussions.

Try our free online learning assessment quiz.

The online learning assessment quiz will help you determine if your learning style is suited to a distance learning environment. It takes only a few minutes to complete and you receive immediate feedback.

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