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Prospective Students — Policies and Practices

Enrollment Agreement

By registering for a course or program, a student agrees to all parts of the AHIMA Distance Education Enrollment Agreement. Please click here and view this agreement. (We recommend printing a copy for your records.)


You should maintain a regular study schedule to ensure you complete courses within the enrollment period. Extensions will be considered only for students with extraordinary and unforeseen circumstances, such as bereavement or medical emergency. All requests for extensions must be in writing, sent either by mail or e-mail.

Book Refund Policy

Click here to access the refund policy for textbooks purchased through AHIMA. If you purchase textbooks through another company, you must contact that company for their particular refund policies.

Buyer's Right to Cancel and Refund Policy

You may request withdrawal from a course/program prior to or during your enrollment and a refund will be granted according to the refund policy schedule below. This request must be received in writing, either by e-mail or letter. We will send notification via e-mail that we have received your request. Cancellation is effective the date AHIMA receives the written request.

Enrollments cannot be transferred from one student to another.

Any refund due is based on the following refund policy schedule and is made within 30 days of cancellation.

Refund Policy Schedule
When Written Cancellation Request Has Been Received by AHIMA

Percentage of Tuition Retained by AHIMA

Within five (5) business days from time of enrollment

         0 percent*
*This does not apply if the student has completed the equivalent of one or more lessons.

After five (5) business days with zero (0) lessons completed

10 percent, not to exceed $200

When 10 percent of the course lessons have been completed

20 percent

When 20 percent of the course lessons have been completed

30 percent

When 30 percent of the course lessons have been completed

40 percent

When 40 percent of the course lessons have been completed

50 percent

When 50 percent of the course lessons have been completed

60 percent

When 60 percent of the course lessons have been completed

100 percent

Updated May 2008

Academic Honesty and Integrity Policy

Academic honesty and integrity is the responsibility of each AHIMA student. Cheating in an academic program is cause for immediate termination from the program.

Acts of dishonorable conduct include, but are not limited to:

  • Permitting another person to take a graded assessment for oneself
  • Taking a graded assessment for another student
  • Using unauthorized materials as aids in taking a graded assessment
  • Collaborating during a graded assessment with any other person
  • Falsified information—if information was intentionally falsified on your enrollment agreement, proctoring documents (if applicable), or any other AHIMA document

Academic Progress and Dismissal Policy

If a student fails a course, he/she may re-enroll in the course following normal registration procedures. If a student fails a single course three times, the student will be terminated from the program.

Payment and Access

We accept various forms of payment for our online programs and courses, including major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), checks, and company purchase orders.

Full payment for your selected program or course must be received and verified before access to the online material is allowed. Online payment via credit card is verified immediately. After putting a check or purchase order in the mail, please allow at least 10 BUSINESS days for the payment to be received and processed. (You'll receive notice via e-mail as soon as your access to course material has been granted.) NOTE: There may be other prerequisites that must be verified before you are given access; see descriptions of individual courses/programs for more detail.

Any check payments returned by your financial institution due to non-sufficient funds (NSF) will result in immediate disenrollment from the registered classes.

Because AHIMA is an association, not a school, we have not been assigned a "school ID number". Therefore, our training programs and courses (including Coding Basics) CANNOT be financed through any federal grant, loan, or veterans benefit programs (including guaranteed student loans offered through local banks).

Many employers provide tuition reimbursement programs through in-service grants, scholarships, and work-study programs. Check with your employer for details concerning financial assistance. Some employers require that a course or program be accredited. To see which of our programs are accredited, click here.

Community or civic groups may also sponsor scholarships, and can be found through local libraries and other organizations.

Career Counseling and Job Placement

AHIMA is an association, not a school, and we do not provide job placement services. Extensive information on career planning and certification is offered on the American Health Information Management Association web site at: www.ahima.org/careers and www.ahima.org/certification.

Special Needs and Disabilities

As a student enrolled in AHIMA Continuing Education courses or programs, you are required to complete reading assignments and submit tests online.

If you have a special need or disability and believe it may affect your ability to complete the assignments and exams, or you are concerned about your ability to obtain employment upon completion of the program, contact distance.education@ahima.org before beginning your course, to discuss your concerns.

Reservation of Rights

Even after registrations have been accepted, AHIMA expressly reserves the right, upon written notice, to modify its prerequisite curriculum requirements, course contents (or sequencing), and application policies or requirements (including administrative fees, specific forms, or procedures).


Click here to view the AHIMA Distance Education Disclaimer.

Privacy Policy

Click here to view the AHIMA Distance Education Privacy Policy.

Contact Information

AHIMA Distance Education, part of the association's Continuing Education department, is located at AHIMA's headquarters in Chicago:

AHIMA Distance Education
American Health Information Management Association
233 N. Michigan Ave., 21st Floor
Chicago, IL 60601-5519
Phone: (312) 233-1100
Fax: (312) 233-1090
E-mail: distance.education@ahima.org

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